Extral Structures

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This code emulates structures in a way. all data is actually stored in one global array extraL__Struct. You cannot use the generic array command on structure structure members

struct new
returns an unused pointer to a structure.
	set current [struct new]
struct set struct->member value
sets the value of a member
	struct set $current->field Test
	struct set $current->data(a) 1
struct value struct->member
returns the value of a member
	struct value $current->field
	struct value $current->data(a)
struct unset struct?->member?
unsets a member or the entire struct
	struct unset $current->field
	struct unset $current
struct var struct?->member?
gives the actual variable name where the member is stored (global): This can be used in -textvariable options etc.
	entry .try -textvariable [struct var $current->field]
	pack .try
struct arrayset struct->member items values
sets values in an array member
	% struct arrayset $current->value {a b c} {1 2 3}
	% struct value $current->value(b)
struct arrayget struct->member
% struct arrayget $current->value b 2 a 1 c 3
struct arraynames struct->member
% struct arraynames $current->value b a c
struct arraysize struct->member
% struct arraysize $current->value 3
Peter De Rijk
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